When I was a child my dad used to take me and my brother metal detecting along Roman roads in our local area (we didn’t find much although he and my brother did once find an unexploded Second World War bomb).  My parents also used to take us on visits to heritage attractions nearby and also further afield when on our annual family holidays in the UK and, although I don’t remember being particularly enthralled by them at the time, the seeds of interest must have been sown.  At school I did a Maths project on the alignment of standing stones with the sun and became quite captivated by the subject.  As part of my research I bought a book called, ‘Sun, Moon and Standing Stones’ by John Edwin Wood (which I still have somewhere today) and, after I’d left home, I began visiting places like Stonehenge and Castlerigg stone circle of my own volition, the latter being one of my favourite places on Earth.

However it wasn’t until my thirties that I went on my first dig, at Fishbourne Roman Palace, and properly got the archaeology bug. I have since been on digs covering the Palaeolithic, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon and Tudor periods and along the way I’ve completed a couple of degrees in Archaeology.  It’s all got out of hand and currently I am a PhD candidate researching early Neolithic mortuary practice, which combines my two favourite archaeological things.

Sadly neither of my two children have shown much interest in archaeology as yet but I live in hope that I have instilled something currently latent within them that will come to the fore in its own good time….



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